Apostolic Model

A New Model for Ministry

In the apostolic model we follow, we desire for people to become empowered disciples who can be sent into the world to advance the kingdom. We believe everyone has a potential ministry that needs to be developed. So, instead of just ministering to them, we equip the saints to minister to the world. We treat people as disciples, not just as converts. Apostolic centers are springboards, sending bases that encourage a culture of risk, creativity, and entrepreneurship. That’s how we break down walls, break out of the framework that limits us, and move forward.

Our Apostolic Mandate

To reach new levels, we need to understand that we have an apostolic mandate to continue the work Jesus began. We have been sent from the victory of the cross and the empty tomb to further the kingdom of God on earth. This is the message of a new and abundant life that is fighting pessimism and every passive attitude in our Christian circles. Too often we live a stifled Christian life. It’s time for the church to live the abundant life that has been promised. Apostolic centres are lighthouses and headquarters to equip the saints to be agents of transformation on the earth.

You will see the expression of this vision of advancing the kingdom of God in the various ministries that develop in our centre. Whether it be through the diversity of the cell groups, different ministries, or projects for humanitarian aid, Le Chemin seeks to have an impact on the world.